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Welcome to this colorful adventure! I am so excited that you are visiting. Please check out our latest styles and collections! Feel free to shoot me a text, call or send me an email if you have any questions! I would love to hear from you.

Best Regards, 

Your Color Street Stylist - Ms. Mj! ;)

Q&A about your Stylist

Why did you choose Color Street?

I had been very enthusiastic about finding a side business that was right for me. I needed to find a product I could believe in, the right price point, and didn't require too much time and effort to start making money. As soon as I was introduced to Color Street, I knew I had found my new home! I immediately fell in love with all of the fantastic nail designs and colors. Being someone who only used dipping powder gel nails, I knew this would save me a fortune and so much time! Not to mention, this is a product that sells itself! I am also a numbers gal, so the commission plan had to be right, and with Color Street, it was! 

I love that my business sells itself. My nails are a great conversation starter ("a walking billboard", as my friend put it). So if you see me around, check out my nails!  They will ALWAYS be on point! :)

What do you love about your new business? 

I get to help others build their dreams! Everyone wants to be financially set, have more time, and have more fun! I get to share this with others!

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