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Please join me for the ride of a lifetime.  Whether you have NATURAL, GEL, ACRYLIC, or SHELLAC NAILS you will LOVE LOVE LOVE Color Street.  These nail strips are 100% nail polish Made in America!!  There is no dry time and they are super simple; you can DIY!!  Color Street Polish is free of these three big toxic chemicals everyone is talking about, There is No Formaldehyde, No Toluene, No Dibutyl Phthalate.  Beautiful french design, solids, glitters, shimmers and nail art designs.  
                             There is something for everyone!

I'm looking for people to take on my Color Street Challenge! If you feel you are up to trying them on and seeing how much you will love them, call, post or private message me!!

JOIN MY TEAM!!! GET ON THE GROUND  FLOOR!!!  Enjoy the ride and let's have a hell of a lot of fun sharing what Color Street has to offer.  You will laugh at how easy it is and how people will stop you to ask you about your nails or your daughter's nails.  Over the weekend my daughter was playing with a new friend at the park and they started talking about nails she's 6 (and 3/4's wink)!  Within 3 minutes i explained Color Street to the mother (and father) they applied two nails on her daughter and wanted a catalog, my website, my phone number;  whatever it took to order!!!  It was that easy!  While shopping at an upscale cosmetic counter the saleswoman had to know where I got my nails and how she could have them.  Both instances took place within 30 minutes of one another.

 Let's have some fun and make yourself smile!


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