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You know how some things are just KISMET?

After a summer filled with gardening, a fall full of harvesting veggies and all year of crafting, my nails were colorless and SAD.  I've polished my nails w/regular nail polish....The time it took for me to paint AND dry them was just not worth it.....not to mention fixing up all the goofs!  And all for naught - as it only lasted a day or two before chipping.  :-(

But it's a different story with COLOR STREET!  A friend and I were shopping at an incredible fair last weekend and stumbled into a room that was swarming with women!  We had to go see what all the excitement was.....   They were all getting a sample of one nail done with COLOR STREET'S 100% nail polish strips; then buying packs of full sets for themselves, daughters and stocking stuffers.  I am still in awe that the sample nail polish strip put on me a week ago is still beautiful!  The application took less than a minute with NO dry time and has continued to lOOk great!  The inquires I've been getting are NON-STOP!  

That's when I knew that this was going to be something BIG!  It's going to revolutionize DIY manicures at a reasonable price ($11-14 for a set that lasts for up to  2 weeks) with no muss, no fuss, easy peasy beautiful nails!  Each pack comes with 2 strips of 8 different nail sizes......those with shorter nails and do both hands with 1 strip.  The 2nd strip can be used later.  So, figure $11-14 for 2 manicures!!  Now, THAT'S AFFORDABLE!!!

I'm sooooo excited to share this amazing COLOR STREET product with you!  I want to invite you to get a sample from me, check it out and take a look at all the choices (solid color, glitter, nail art designs and French) and let me know what you think!

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