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I've been obsessed with nail polish and nail designs since junior high school. Sometimes it would take up to four hours to prep my nails, select different colors, create intricate designs and DRY my nails.

loved doing my nails! And I was pretty good at it, too.

But after I got married and started my own business I no longer had HOURS to dedicate to my nails. 

For me to get the same level of nail style that I was doing myself, I would have to spend $25-40 for a manicure at the salon. 

Even with getting gel nails, the process also took over an hour! That's without the time of getting to the salon and hoping the one or two technicians who were skilled artists were available. 

It was such a hassle but I loved having my nails reflect my personality. I was so frustrated (and often unpolished) until I discovered nail polish strips

I was able to create the same (or better) designs I was doing myself in 20-30 minutes... and my nails were dry immediately

Like, ready for dishes and laundry and putting on shoes!!

I was shocked at how cute they were and how easy the process was. And they weren't stickers, they were made of real nail polish. 


You might be thinking, "Yeah, I've seen that but the process looks way more difficult than what you're describing.

That's likely because you've seen other brands that require heating or cutting to adhere and shape to your nail. Color Street does NOT require any of these things. 

You simply open the pack, place the strip on your nail, push down so it fits well, file away the excess and that's it!!!

It's seriously epic and although it may sound a little over the top, it was really life changing because I could enjoy doing my nails and still have my personal style without spending hours on a manicure.


If you want to try out Color Street nail polish strips for yourself, I'll send you a free sample! 

I'm pretty confident that you'll fall in love with them just like I did. Just send me an email with your mailing address and I'll send it out right away.

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