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My name is Jeannine Morroney-Teets (feel free to call me “J9”) and I love COLOR STREET!  I am excited to introduce you to a product that has completely changed my outlook on manicures and pedicures.  A product that is easy to apply and does not require heat or tools.

Before I go into my story and how I got hooked on this product, let me dive right into what you really want to know……


What I love about Color Street:

·        It's REAL nail polish

·        Many OPTIONS…from subtle to bold solid colors, french, nail art, glitter, and seasonal designs.  And you can layer to create your own designs

·        It's NATURAL looking, not thick or clunky

·        It comes off EASILY with regular nail polish remover...because it's REAL nail polish

·        It's FAST and EASY...two critical requirements for me

·        It's LONG lasting and did not ruin my nails

·        It's way more AFFORABLE than going to the salon for manicures/pedicures or even buying different color nail polish

·        It can be APPLIED ANYWHERE…..even on an airplane

·        It's FUN and safe for CHILDREN

If you want to learn more about this amazing new product, please reach out to me. I firmly believe that you will be like me and once you try the product, you too will be hooked. Watch the video to see the application process and how they look when done. The product truly sells itself!

Application Video:


How I was introduced to Color Street:

My coworker text me one evening and told me about this new nail product.  I immediately wondered why she was into selling this nail product especially knowing she is not one to like selling.  And neither am I!  My mother and sister were visiting for a weekend and I decided it would be a fun activity to try out these nails together.  Thought it would be a one-time purchase.  Boy, was I wrong!  Once I started applying the nail product, I thought it was brilliant!  Easy, quick, no mess, and no tools required.  But there has to be a catch, right?  Does it not last long or makes your nails brittle?  And the answers……

·        YES - they last a long time.  They last without chipping for approximately 2 weeks but I was impressed when I stretched it out to over 3 weeks.

·        NO – they do not ruin your nails.

I fell in love and thrilled to have an easier solution to beautiful nails and toes.  I am not that sales person and I never imagined anything I would want to sell.  But I knew this was a revolutionary product that I wanted to share with friends (new and old), family, and neighbors.

I always preferred to paint my own nails versus going to a nail salon but I rarely did it since it took so much time to dry and did not last long.  Not to mention 99% of the time I ended up with pillow print on my freshly painted nails.  I never enjoyed nail salons since it seemed like a lot of time and money for nails that chipped within days.  When gel polish entered the market, I was thrilled until I figured out that I never went back to the salon for removal and ended up ruining my nails by picking off the polish.  I LOVE my nails and toes looking good but DREADED to do it.  Until I was introduced to Color Street.  

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