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      Let me introduce myself. My name is Dani. I am a WAHM of two adorable kiddos. I spend 90% of my time chasing two cutie-pies around and making sure their needs are met. The other 10% of my life is all about making women feel comfortable in their own skin and giving them the confidence that every woman needs.


    I was introduced to Color Street when I attended a business conference by another attendee and tried it out. Before, I was devoted to another nail company. It wasn't without issues, but it was by far the best product I had ever experienced before. That was until she had me try Color Street. She gave me my sample nails and had my use my other company's product along with those sample nails to see which I preferred. Needless to say, I was impressed. Color Street needed no heat. No dry time. No scissors (the other company's products never fit my natural nails well). I just needed my own hands and the wipes that came with the sample!

    After that, I couldn't stop thinking about Color Street. I kept googling all the designs, looking up people on Instagram and just this past month I took the plunge! I am so beyond excited to be part of this brand new, ground floor company. I know it is going to go far and I am thrilled to be a part of it! In less than a week, I bonus qualified in August. Now, I am in my sixth full month and I have achieved the rank of Director with a team of 30 amazing women! I am proud to pass on my success and training to my team members. 

    Why do I do this, you ask? I choose style life because it fits my why wholeheartedly. My why is to tighten our family's bond to the point that it is unbreakable. That means removing the weight of all our financial needs off my husband, bringing him home from all his overtime that is necessary for our current situation, being home and present for our children, homeschooling them when that time comes, keeping our family healthy through holistic practices so we may have the energy and endurance to enjoy life together and rebuilding my grandfather's home that my family builder with their own hands so we may pull in our extended family and my children may know their aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents. 

    I have a small sketch that I carry in my wallet wherever I go that represents where I want to be in five years. I have such grand plans and I want to achieve them with my family by my side as we look out the window of our dream home on our new property at the horses and cows that graze, the chicken coop out back full of fresh, organic, non-vegetarian hens, the garden to the side full of food that can sustain our family and all the joyful memories of our journey.

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