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Welcome to Color Street with Kiki, I'm so glad you found me. 

Color Street is the newest innovation for easily having the most fashionable, fun, colorful, & brilliant nail designs available on the market today! You can update and change your look any time you like,and best of all, they are so easy and quick to use - you really are going to LOVE this!

Want to earn some free? Host a Nail Bar.

If you are local, we can do that, or I can do it online. Even better, we can do BOTH!

It's completely up to you.

Looking for a way to build an income for day-to-day living or that exciting personal or family goal?

Color Street offers a fantastic opportunity to do both! You have options! Work to build a part-time business to have some extra spending money, or build a full-time career, earning a great income and offering you freedom to live the way you want!

Please contact me today to book your Nail Bar or with any and all questions about the opportunity!


Kiki Vogel

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